Antler Trap

Shed antler hunting seems to be gaining more popularity ever year, or perhaps its just easier to see how many people enjoy shed hunting now that we live in a world ruled by social media. Either way, I know that personally I love getting out in the late winter or early spring to look for that shed bone from those deer, moose or elk that made it through the fall hunting season.  What’s even more exciting is if you are looking for specific sheds of a target animal that you have trail cam pics of, failed to harvest or have had some exciting encounters with.

Homemade antler traps have been a tool to assist hunters in finding sheds for many years. There are various versions of these traps that have been utilized. Some more crude then others. I have to admit, seeing some of the positive results from successful traps on the internet made me want to try one of my own. This is when I began my research and came up with a combination of what I considered the best and safest ideas. Sharing these concepts with Alan and Robyn we headed to the field to make our antler trap. In this Video we bring this antler trap concept to fruition.


About The Author
- General Manager@ Executive Producer/ Host/ Pro Staff @ Orion's Choice Bowhunters