Bow hunting- The beginning

Bow hunting has been a incredible ride for me. I did not grow up hunting, I began hunting later on in life. If you grow up hunting, taught by your parents, family or friends, you really haven’t ever known any different. Hunting is something you have always done. It has become part of who you are, as many things do when you start at an early age.  Conversely, if you are a well informed, intelligent person who has not grown up hunting, but has taken an interest in it, there is a few important questions you must ask yourself, and these questions will have to be answered before you can ultimately decide if hunting is right for you. This was exactly the case for me. I had to ask my self, am I capable of killing an animal, cutting into it to remove organs and then not feeling bad about it. The answer was yes, but I had to look deep down inside myself to answer these questions and even still, could I really be 100% sure until after I had a animal lying on the ground in front of me? I was sure of one thing though, if I was willing to accept the results of hunting game with my bow I was sure as heck going to do everything in my power to be as accurate and ethical as possible.

Robyn my close friend and I had made the decision about starting to hunt at the same time. Shortly after that, we met Alan who we discovered had all the same values and outlooks as Robyn and I.  Thats when the work began. We worked very hard at our local archery club, Forest City Archers. We religiously practiced up and downhill shots. We worked all of our shot angles from various positions on the ground and shooting from tree stands. We wanted to try and recreate the types of shots we were going to encounter out in the field. This training was all out of respect for the animal being hunted. We believed you should reach a certain level of versatile accuracy before you start shooting at a animal. Something we still preach to people today.


When I harvested my first animal, a white tail doe, I took the time to honour the animal and pay respects. It wasn’t that I felt remorse, which was what I was afraid of, but rather a time to thank the animal, the sun and earth for providing me with an opportunity to harvest my own food with my own hands. An opportunity to reconnect with the ways that evolved the human race to where it is today. It was a very special moment and one I’ll never forget.


Years pass and Robyn, Alan and I were close friends. We loved to share our bow hunting stories with each other and family and friends. We had been filming our hunts for a quite some time so we could truly share the experience of our hunts and all the work we put in. This was around the time we decided we wanted to make a show that accurately portrays the reality of bow hunting. The passion behind it. The hard work, dedication, discipline, and the emotional and physical  commitment involved. We felt like so many shows out there seem to skip over these elements and just show you the highlight reels of trophy animals being shot. Which is fine for some, but we wanted to do something different. We wanted our show to appeal to your average guy taking on all the challenges that come along with learning to be a ethical, successful bow hunter. There is truly a lot to what we do and we know there are many people out there just like us that want to be the best, want to work hard and thirst for the satisfaction of being successful. We want those people to identify with our show and hopefully learn from our experiences and the commentary after each hunt. You never stop learning. Our show is a closer look at that learning process and has an element that every bow hunter will enjoy, whether you are just starting out or have years of experience.  Join us in the adventure of bow hunting in Canada.

Phil Taylor

Phil and Alan Chasing White Tails


Bow hunting- The beginning

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- General Manager@ Executive Producer/ Host/ Pro Staff @ Orion's Choice Bowhunters