Cameron Hanes & Joe Rogan- The Debut: Keep Hammering #1

The Debut: Keep Hammering #1, Cameron Hanes & Joe Rogan. Cameron Hanes is arguably modern Bowhunting’s biggest ambassador. He has risen to be one of hunting’s most inspirational voices. Cam believes in leading a healthy lifestyle, working hard, staying focused and all around being the best person and hunter possible.  The most admirable trait that Cam possesses is that he doesn’t push his opinions on anyone, he simply shares his approach to life, his work ethic and how he achieves his goals. His modest delivery of these thoughts makes him worthy of the respect he has gained, and this is probably one of the main reasons people are drawn to him.

Canada baby!

Cam comes to Canada annually to hunt black bears with his friends John and Jen Rivet of Living the dream productions, a big game outfitter in northern Alberta. Check them out if you are looking for high percentages of success and a great time in the woods of beautiful Alberta Canada.

Shown below is a massive boar Cam harvested this past spring with John and Jenn.



Cam has just begun his own podacast called Keep Hammering. His good pal Joe Rogan has been encouraging him to take on this endeavor because Joe knows the weight that Cam’s words carry amongst his followers and the hunting community.

We have posted the youtube of Cam’s first podcast under the keep hammering title.The Debut: Keep Hammering #1 Cameron Hanes & Joe Rogan  podcast is available on iTunes Here.  If you love Bowhunting and what it takes to be an ethical, hardworking, and goal driven bowhunter then check it out, we loved it!

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