Mitchell Payment smashes opening week 2017

Mitchell Payment and Father Roger Payment have had a pretty amazing opening week in Alberta. Mitchell arrowed a stunning 180″ whitetail and a mature spot and stalk velvet mule deer. To be honest this is really no surprise. Mitchell and Roger are one of the hardest working teams in the province of Alberta. Seemingly spending every available moment chasing their quarry. Although, spending countless hours hunting and scouting is just a couple of factors of their success.  Mitchell is an active and quite successful 3D shooter on the circuit here in Alberta. His hard work and dedication makes him a lights-out shooter. His skills behind a bow help him keep his composure and get the job done during the moment of truth.. Behind most successful young hunters is a Father, Mentor or a friend to show them the way. Roger, has no doubt been a major component in Mitchel’s success. Its great to see a Father-Son team out there working hard, having fun, and making memories that will last a lifetime!

Besides being a super talented young Canadian Bowhunter. Mitchell is a polite, bright, and humble young man. For these reasons I will always rally behind him and cheer him on!

Mitchell Payments Moment of Truth  airs Sept 25 on wild TV in Canada. Check it out and you will witness Canada’s most inspiring young Bowhunter do what he does best. GET-IT-DONE!

Mitch 2

2017 Spot & Stalk Archery Mule Deer


Mitchell Payment smashes opening week 2017

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