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This review is for the Muck Woody Max Cold Weather Hunting Boots. The Woody Max™ is the best 100% waterproof hunting boot made for prolonged cold conditions. The entire 16″ knee high boot is waterproof, enabling you to track through swampy areas, streams, snow and wet tall grass. Woody Max™ features a CR flex-foam bootie completely lined with premium fleece and comfortable Airmesh™. Woody Max™ is a serious hunting boot for serious bad weather.
100% waterproof to the top
Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo
Comfort range 60°F to -40°F
Blocks human scent with its closed cell neoprene & rubber construction

Company Information: 
Muck Boot Co

Retail Price:  $184.99 (Cabela’s)
Concept of Product: 8/10
             Nothing new on this concept.  A sturdy well built boot designed to keep your feet dry and warm in the harshest of elements all while maintaining comfort and “scent free”.
Design of Product: 9/10
            The design is wonderful.  The exterior appearance is a classic design that really can’t be changed.  For what these boots are designed for, they are limited on what can be done.  But, for an extreme cold weather boot, I was very pleased with the design.  They were lighter weight then I was expecting and still as or more comfortable to walk in then most light weight boots of this style.            The tread pattern works very well also.  In the times I have used these boots so far, the terrain has been muddy, slippery, snow, ice, wet and everything in between.  Climbing steep hills and tree stands were done easily.
Quality and Durability: 9/10
            After limited but harsh use, these boots show no sign of wear.  I tried to put them threw every condition a normal outdoorsman goes threw in a season with no failures.  Kicking threw briar patches, ice jams and other conditions that have been known to ruin a good pair of boots in the past.
Usability: 8/10
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Product Review – Muck Woody Max Boots

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